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Deutschland ist Gastgeber der Disability World Games 2023

Germany is hosting the Disability World Games 2023

You can register and pay online or directly at the venue. The WDDA Team Event says 44€ but it is actually free, so you register but you don’t ever have to pay the 44€.

How does the signup work?

2023 – Wer sind die besten Paradarter der Welt? Who are the best Paradarters in the World?

Finden wir es heraus! Let’s find out!


Melde dich an für unsere Disability World Games 2023 in Deutschland. Professionelle, softwarebasierte, automatische Turnierorganisation und hochwertiges Streaming. 34 Boards und Tablets. Mindestens 6 Rollstuhl-Boards.


Register for our Disability World Games 2023 in Germany. Professional, software-based, automatic tournament organization and high-quality streaming. 34 boards and tablets. At least 6 wheelchair boards.